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Kevin Clark

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When I was asked to be a patron of FACT I immediately accepted for two reasons: professional and personal.

Professionally, I am aware that during the diagnosis and treatment phase of a patient’s cancer it is a very busy time. It is only when this phase is completed, and the patient is asked to get on with their “normal” life, do the full implications of their situation hit home. This can be a very worrying time for the patient emotionally, financially and socially. The ability to support the patient through this time and co-ordinate the activities of many different organisations who are offering help is essential. However, patients are often unable to access this help, and many do not have a close circle of friends or family who can provide advice. By making this process easier for the patient, and co-ordinating the different organisations and services available, FACT can function to its greatest effect.

Personally, I was delighted to become a patron of FACT due to the energy and drive of Joanne Smith. Throughout her diagnosis and treatment Joanne was a beacon of positivity and selflessness. Her only thoughts at the time of diagnosis were for her children and family, and this remains the focus of her attention. I am glad that FACT has provided an outlet for her energy and enthusiasm and I know with her hard work and the support of her team that she will make a success of it.

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