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Northumbria University Research: Physical activity advice after a cancer diagnosis

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Northumbria University are undertaking research to investigate the advice people being treated for cancer are receiving about physical activity after their diagnosis. Working with cancer patients from a local Patient and Public Involvement group, they have designed an online survey which they are keen to get out to as many cancer survivors as possible to find out what advice about physical activity they received and to get their opinions on how appropriate this advice was for them and their needs.  These findings can help inform the development of future interventions to try to optimise the nature of physical activity advice being given to people after a cancer diagnosis.

The survey asks about your current health, physical activity habits and about any physical activity advice received. Most of the questions have multiple choice answers with only a couple asking for further details. This research has been approved by an institutional research ethics committee. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary, and all answers people provide are kept anonymous and so no one could be identified from any information they provide.

Please click the link below to take part in the survey.

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