FACT has grown from strength to strength and now offers over 12,000 engagements and helps 2,000 unique service users a year.  Almost 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer by 2020.  Thankfully, medicine is advancing so many people are surviving and living longer following diagnosis.  However, this means that more people need support services to help them live with and beyond cancer. Support needs to catch up with medicine!

FACT has big plans to make sure that the people of the North East have all of the support they need to cope with a diagnosis of cancer, and we need you to supporting our exciting plans.

The centre will:

  • Offer support to people diagnosed with cancer, their families, carers, and friends.
  • Help anyone who feels they have been affected by cancer at any time – no matter how long ago they were diagnosed, or when they had their treatment.
  • Offer individual, family and bereavement support.
  • Offer help, advice, and support without the need for clinical referrals.

The centre will also offer:

  • Services to wider communities throughout the North East via our education and awareness events and programmes.
  • Programmes for schools, colleges, community groups and local businesses, including cancer awareness, education, and advice around lifestyle cancer implications, healthy living, prevention, signs and symptoms, early diagnosis, screening and treatment processes.
  • Local community services including a coffee shop, charity/gift shop, crèche and children’s facilities, teen area, function and event rooms, meeting rooms, fitness suite, craft room and much more!

Visit our Big Build website here