I am a Consultant Radiologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, and I specialise in breast imaging and assessment. I first became aware of FACT when, along with members of our Breast Unit team, I attended one of FACT’s fundraising functions.

As a Radiologist the majority of the time I spend with patients is at the point of diagnosis. Nonetheless, on both a professional and personal level I am well aware that diagnosis is only the beginning of a long and at times very difficult road for each and every patient. I am also well aware that many patients struggle to access services which could potentially significantly improve their journey; and this failure to access services can have devastating and far reaching consequences for the both the patient and their family and friends.

Hence I was delighted to discover that FACT exists both to coordinate the services available to cancer patients, and to help patients access these services more effectively.

I was also delighted when I was recently approached by Joanne Smith to become a Trustee of FACT. I am in awe of the energy, drive and enthusiasm demonstrated by Joanne and her colleagues, and I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to support them in their work. I have no doubt that Joanne and the team will continue to make a great success of FACT, and through this they will continue to enhance and improve the cancer journey for numerous patients and their families.