I am so impressed with Joanne and all at FACT.  It is so humbling to meet people who dedicate their time and lives to help those who are facing hardship or are in need of practical or emotional support at a desperate time in their lives.  In the current climate, humanity and compassion seem to be valued less than ruthless ambition and financial gain.  The true measure of a civilised society is how those with most need are prioritised and cared for.  FACT demonstrate this in spades.  The dedicated professionals and volunteers not only help those at the time of their most acute needs, it is extended for as long as the person, their families and loved ones need.  And it doesn't stop there.  Those who sadly suffer loss remain part of the FACT family and are welcomed for as long as they wish to be involved.  If I can help by being Patron (or Matron as I prefer) then I will be delighted.  I wish them all the best and thank them on behalf of us all.