It gives me great pleasure and pride to be a Trustee of FACT.

I was in the privileged position of being headteacher to Joanne Smith's children and have been fortunate to follow FACT from its infancy.

When they first came to discuss what they were planning with the charity I was struck by their enthusiasm and passion and the belief that they were going to fulfil a need.

As a result of this first meeting, our school has had a close association with FACT. I firmly believe that our community has benefitted enormously from this association.

The charity has enabled us to tackle a wide range of issues, from sun safety awareness to anti-smoking education. Every event they have organised has engaged our children and had a positive impact on their attitude towards the issues covered.

It has also allowed parents/carers to be involved and as a result benefit from the services FACT can provide.

In any school community cancer will affect directly or indirectly some of its members, FACT provides a support network that embraces the whole family at a time of need.

I wholeheartedly support FACT and hope you will too.