I became aware of the local charity FACT when I read an email about Joanne’s cancer story.

I was so moved I invited Joanne to BBC Radio Newcastle for an interview, as I wanted other people to hear about her cancer journey.

I was then invited to perform stand up comedy at one of FACT's fundraising events, I got to know the team of staff and volunteers quite well, quickly realising the brilliant service they provide for the people of the North East.

FACT supports not only the person on their cancer journey but also their family even their friends.

The support FACT gives is incredible and I was overwhelmed when Joanne asked me to be a Patron of the charity.

I was a Patron for over five years and when a position presented itself, I knew it was a place I would love to work. I am now proud to be employed as part of the FACT Family, Fighting All Cancers Together.

What do I do? All sorts from reception to social media, from events to emails, the list is endless.  The whole team help each other and this is why FACT are growing. The FACT Family is for everyone.

Why not pop in? I will even make you a cuppa!