I started my working life in engineering back in 1986 for NEI Clarke Chapman who made cranes and ship replenishment systems.  I then moved into the CCGT Power Station construction business with NEI, than ABB and finally Alstom as a Project Secretary, ending up as an Office Manager when I left in 2010 to look after my son.

I heard about FACT through one of the guys I worked with at Alstom, who was friends with Joanne.  I started volunteering in 2011 when my son started school and was offered an admin job a couple of years later.  I am now Office Manager and deal with the day to day running of the Admin Team, the HR function and dabble in a bit of IT !

I love working for FACT.  I work with a great bunch of people, and get to meet some interesting and amazing individuals, all with their own story to tell.  Its great to know the job you do makes a difference and helps people.

I love socializing with my friends, going to music concerts, and being a daredevil – having so far done an abseil and a zip wire from the Tyne Bridge and a skydive from 10,000 feet!