Breast cancer charity Walk the Walk has brought together a global group of charities, collaborating to spread awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too. Together the charities’ goal is to reach millions of people across the world with the aim of saving lives.

Cancer charities from all over the UK have committed to supporting Walk the Walk’s campaign:- Maggie’s started in Scotland and supports people with cancer across the UK; Tenovus Cancer Care is a Welsh charity, focusing on support and research; FACT (Fighting All Cancers Together) helps people with cancer in the North East of England; Penny Brohn UK works across the country from its base in Bristol; Action Cancer provides early detection, support and prevention services in Northern Ireland; CoppaFeel creates awareness about breast cancer amongst young people across the UK; UK charity Breast Cancer Now funds research and care, providing support and hope; Breast Cancer Haven is a UK charity, offering emotional, physical and practical support to anyone affected by breast cancer. They are joined by the Male Breast Cancer Coalition, an American awareness and campaigning charity.

In 2017, Walk the Walk recognised that there was very little awareness of male breast cancer and with the support of six men diagnosed with the disease, launched the Men Get Breast Cancer Too! campaign.

Over the last three years the campaign has gone from strength to strength, with the six men becoming nineteen. As the charities come together, the men’s voices will be heard even louder.

“It is an absolute privilege to work with these incredibly brave men, who have found the courage to speak out, with the hope that it will save lives. Their voice can be so much stronger if charities come together on this, and to see such a collaboration between charities is such a positive message in these challenging times.”
Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk

“We are delighted to be working with Walk and Walk and all other partner charities to raise awareness of breast cancer in men. Our centres are for anyone living with cancer and see the fullest possible range of cancer types, ages and situations, but sadly not a lot of men with breast cancer. I would love to see many more come through the doors of our centres and benefit from our professional practical, emotional and psychological support.”
Dame Laura Lee, Chief Executive of Maggie’s

“In our work supporting cancer patients in the North East, we have only known two men who have had breast cancer. Sadly, both of them found out about their cancer too late and are no longer with us. Awareness of breast cancer in men is crucial and that is why FACT is delighted to support this campaign”.
Joanne Smith, Founder and Chief Executive of FACT (Fighting All Cancers Together)

“Men in Wales get breast cancer, too. It can be a particularly lonely illness. Tenovus Cancer Care are therefore delighted to be working with Walk the Walk and others across the UK – not least a wonderful and pioneering group of men – to get the word out to save men’s
lives. We can provide support and advice in Wales, so if you or someone you know is affected by male breast cancer, do get in touch.”
Judi Rhys, Chief Executive, Tenovus Cancer Care

“Men get breast cancer too is such a crucial message. Giving men the confidence to speak up and find support is vital in the help to save more lives. We are thrilled to be partnering with Walk and Walk and all other partner charities to raise awareness of breast cancer in men. Penny Brohn UK is welcoming a growing number of men seeking emotional and practical support to help them live well with cancer. Anything we can do to encourage more men to check their chest and to seek help is invaluable.
Andrew Hufford, Commercial Director, Penny Brohn UK

“We are delighted to be partnering with Walk the Walk and the other cancer charities in this pan UK initiative to raise awareness of breast cancer in men. Action Cancer is passionate about breast cancer. We first introduced breast cancer screening for women in 1978, a lifesaving service that continues today, but one that is now supplemented by the provision of information, advice and an extensive range of therapeutic interventions for both women and men with the disease. We look forward, through this great collaborative initiative, to raising in Northern Ireland the awareness and profile of male breast cancer and to providing for men impacted by the disease the much needed psychological and physiological help required”.
Gareth Kirk, CEO, Action Cancer

“Our mission is to ensure that all breast cancers are diagnosed early and correctly, which is why we are delighted to be a part of Walk the Walk's campaign to ensure that men are not excluded from the conversation. Whatever your gender, getting to know your body is
important so you’re in the best position to notice any changes at an early stage, and see your doctor about it.”
Natalie Kelly, Chief Executive, CoppaFeel

“It is vital that all men are aware of the signs and symptoms of the disease, and know what to do should they notice a change. At Breast Cancer Now, we fund research into male breast cancer as well as providing trusted information to those affected by the disease. We are delighted to support this campaign and the nineteen men affected by breast cancer who are sharing their stories and experience as part of it. Anyone who has questions or concerns about male breast cancer can contact us for support and information.”
Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive at Breast Cancer Now

“We are absolutely delighted to be joining Walk the Walk's Men Get Breast Cancer Too! campaign. Raising awareness of breast cancer in men is vital and we are thrilled to be collaborating with the other partner charities to get this important message out there. Breast Cancer Haven provides vital support to anyone affected by breast cancer, and we want men affected by the disease to know that we are here for them too. We want to do all we can to ensure men with breast cancer get the help and support they need.”
Sally Hall, Chief Executive at Breast Cancer Haven

“It is wonderful to work with Walk the Walk and fantastic that charities in the UK are also collaborating to raise even more awareness of male breast cancer. Educating people across America and the world that breast cancer does not discriminate and that Men Have Breasts
Too! is what we are all about!”
Cheri Ambrose, Founder of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition

Men Get Breast Cancer Too!

  • Every year, 370* men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK and 81* men die of the disease.
  • The number of men affected by breast cancer is much lower than for women. However, the mortality rate for primary breast cancer in men is high in comparison, due to lack of awareness and late detection.
  • In 2017, six men who had been diagnosed with breast cancer came together to launch Walk the Walk’s “Men Get Breast Cancer Too” awareness campaign. That number has now grown to nineteen.
  • Over the last three years, the men’s united voice has continued to spread awareness.
  • With the help of the men, Walk the Walk created a special “blue bra” t-shirt, showing the message “Men Get Breast Cancer Too”, as well as a downloadable Check your Chest awareness poster.
  • The poster now features the logos of each of the collaborating charities, highlighting their combined effort.
  • Men’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week takes place between 19th and 25th October 2020.

* Breast Cancer Now, September 2020

Walk the Walk and collaborating charities

 Walk the Walk is a breast cancer charity which is passionate about encouraging people to become fit and healthy and is also known for organising the iconic MoonWalks in London, Edinburgh and Iceland. The charity grants funds to help improve the lives of those with cancer now and for research into breast cancer in both women and men.

 Maggie’s, founded in Scotland, is a charity providing free cancer support in its centres across the UK, internationally and online, including special groups for men diagnosed with cancer.

 Tenovus Cancer Care is a Welsh charity, which supports cancer patients and their families, funds cancer research and works to raise awareness of how to prevent cancer.

 FACT (Fighting All Cancers Together) is a charity in the North East of England, providing direct help and support for local people going through cancer, their families and friends. FACT also provides cancer education and awareness programmes.

 Penny Brohn UK is a national charity, based in Bristol, providing free integrative care to people living with cancer, before, during and after treatment.

 Action Cancer works throughout Northern Ireland raising awareness of cancer and providing early detection, support and prevention services.

 CoppaFeel is a national charity, working to raise awareness about breast cancer amongst young people and educating them on the importance of checking themselves.

 Breast Cancer Now is the UK’s first comprehensive breast cancer charity, funding around a third of all breast cancer research in the UK, as well as providing information, services and courses including the Someone Like Me service.

 Breast Cancer Haven is a national charity that offers free one-to-one support, specialist classes and support groups to anyone affected by breast cancer. 

 The Male Breast Cancer Coalition is a foundation formed in the United States to promote awareness of male breast cancer across the US and the rest of the world, through a worldwide network of men diagnosed with the disease.