People living with and beyond cancer

Prevention and or early intervention can make a significant difference to diagnosis and survival rates, which in turn helps people to live with and beyond cancer.  Our education and awareness programmes are people centric and are designed to encourage healthy lifestyle choices from grassroots level, thus addressing issues at the earliest possible stage. The sessions are delivered in community settings, schools, colleges and businesses and focus on establishing sensible lifestyle choices and tackling peer pressure or dysfunctional actions, which could have a negative impact upon health and well-being.  By tackling these issues at an early stage, we can enable people to recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle which in turn will have a positive impact upon them reaching their potential. Communities become more active, healthy, less isolated and socially responsible.  Bonds and friendships are formed, ideas are shared which influence our future delivery and the uptake of screening appointments, improved, all of which has a positive impact upon communities, our current generation and our future generations. FACT provides tailored education and awareness sessions which are bespoke to the audience. 

Joanne Smith, Founder and Chief Executive of FACT explains: "FACT addresses isolation by bringing people together through social events like weekly coffee mornings, daily exercise classes, and community events. We provide a space and place where they can meet and build strong bonds.  Individuals build a wider network of support, share experiences, knowledge and improve their mental health and quality of life.  It is an opportunity for them to talk about what matters “to them” as opposed to what is the matter “with them”. Our coffee mornings and therapy sessions are very well attended and attract people who have been affected by cancer and individuals who have not had first-hand experience of cancer, but who enjoy the atmosphere and a sense of belonging".

How we help

FACT provide a wide range of support services which our FACT family have asked for including:

Social groups:

  • Coffee mornings
  • Men’s group
  • FACT family day
  • Ladies at lunch
  • Community lunch
  • Friends of FACT
  • Lung cancer support

Exercise classes:

  • Walking group
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • HIIT
  • Over 50’s fitness

Other services include:

  • Holistic therapies, Reiki, massage, facials, M Technique and manual lymphatic drainage
  • Bra fitting and mastectomy wear.
  • Hairdressing and wig service
  • Counselling

FACT offer support to anyone affected by cancer, including family and friends of the cancer patient.

We offer support to anyone affected by cancer in anyway. Not only the person with a cancer diagnosis can access these services but their friends, family and neighbours. Our FACT family have told us that they would like social groups, exercise classes and health and wellbeing resources to help them on their path to recovery. Sometimes our needs stretch deeper than a social group and we need to start by talking to someone who will listen. We offer counselling service to anyone in this situation giving them the tools to cope with everyday life and to feel ready for the social elements we offer. Our social groups are friendly and non-clinical often in our coffee room. A hub of support and friendships, where there is always a friendly face, a cuppa and biscuit on offer. The exercise classes are varied to encompass all levels of fitness and abilities. This is also a huge stepping stone for anyone looking to get back into shape after surgery or to maintain a general level of mobility.