FACT's purpose is to source, promote, and form relationships between the support services, groups, organisations and charities that are available to cancer patients.

By bringing together these services, a network of cross referral and recommended support can be formed between statutory, voluntary and commercial bodies, and the strength gained in numbers be drawn upon.

By strengthening the network of support, FACT will give those suffering from cancer, cancer survivors, and their friends and families the opportunity to access services more easily, and more quickly, often at a time when speed and ease is essential.

FACT provides support and social opportunities for all cancer patients, survivors, their family and friends to meet, form friendships, and build communities with others in similar positions to themselves.

FACT is working with adults and children to educate and raise public awareness of cancer related and healthy living issues. FACT delivers numerous awareness programmes in schools, colleges, workplaces and public buildings which are specifically tailored to suit their audience.