Providing support in a non clinical setting.

For most people a cancer diagnosis can be a huge shock and many patients find additional support outside of a clinical setting very helpful.

As FACT offer a range of non-clinical services for people diagnosed with cancer, as well as their families, friends and carers.  If you are a family member or friend, the person with the cancer diagnosis that is affecting you does not necessarily need to be accessing FACT’s services for you to benefit.

"FACT is the only local cancer organisation offering bespoke support to children and adults affected by any cancer in a non-clinical setting, away from hospital grounds across the whole of the North East. Services are mostly free to all cancer patients and carry a suggested donation amount for those in their supporting network.  Our venues are homely, welcoming and accessible to all, at times that are convenient to the individual. Services and support can be access at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, following surgery or several years after the event.  They are available to those who are caring for someone with cancer, who have been bereaved by cancer or who are preparing to lose someone to cancer" Joanne Smith, Founder and Chief Executive of FACT explains.

All of FACT’s services, sessions and activities have been developed in response to requests from those needing them – meeting real needs.  We are based in non-clinical community venues, and offer a relaxed, friendly, home-from-home environment.

Social and exercise opportunities

We provide coffee mornings, and group sessions targeting all genders and all ages, alongside sessions which focus upon specific cancers. The groups enable the service user to meet people going through similar situations, they alleviate isolation and allow individuals to support one another and make new friends.  The exercise classes aid in rehabilitation and support each person on the road to better health and well-being.  Our over 50’s group focuses upon movement and strength, which enables individuals to work at their own pace. We offer gentle exercise in the form of Pilates and yoga and more strenuous exercise in the form of HIIT and a walking group.  We also have a wig service and mastectomy wear service which can be accessed by appointment.  The service user has access to one of our pamper/treatment rooms so they can be measured privately and professionally.  Holistic therapies are also available, via massage, hot stones, reiki and more by appointment.


We offer counselling for anyone affected by cancer and we have counsellors who specialise in trauma counselling.

Some examples of the services we provide are:

-  Teens / Young people’s sessions – for young people affected by cancer and their siblings
-  Children & Family Events for families affected by cancer
-  Counselling & Talking Therapies
-  Coffee Mornings
-  Lymphoedema Advice
-  Exercise Classes for Cancer Patients and their families
-  Financial Advice
-  Employment Support
-  Men’s Group
-  Mastectomy Wear & Prostheses measuring, fitting & supply
-  Craft Sessions
-  Wig Wonderland - wig advice, scarves, hats, wig cutting and
-  hair cutting
-  Adapted Clothing Advice – mastectomy wear
-  Pamper Events
-  Complementary Therapies
-  Holiday Insurance Info / Advice for people with medical conditions
-  Coping with chemotherapy
-  Coping With Pain And Fatigue
-  Talking To Your Children About Cancer
-  Coping With Terminal Illness
-  Foot Care Advice
-  Breast Reconstruction Advice
-  Healthy Eating / Nutritional Advice/ Cookery Demonstrations
-  Bereavement Support
-  Bereavement Preparation and Support for children with terminally ill parents

Click here to see our weekly and monthly programme of activities.

If what you are looking for isn’t mentioned on our website or literature, please still get in touch and we will aim to meet you individual needs.

More information about where we are based around the North East is available here

For more information, contact us on 0191 4420833 or email [email protected]